Mayor Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake

Posted by Unknown Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today a new occupant takes the seat of Mayor of Baltimore City. It is interesting to note that in modern times a number of African American's have moved from President of The City Council to Mayor: The Honorable Clarence "Du" Burns, The Honorable Shelia Dixon, and now The Honorable Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake. Each individual has been indigenous to our city. Each individual has brought a unique set of experiences to the office.

In terms of prior experience: as a City Councilperson, a City Council President, an attorney, an a scion of a political family - Mayor Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake brings to the position a world view shaped by being steeped in the legislative process over 14 years ago, a youthful perspective shaped by technological interventions and rapidly changing circumstances in the lifestyles, race, religion and culture. Her tenure as Mayor holds a tremendous amount of promise. Entering the office under the age of 40 years old says a lot about her preparation, determination, and ability to navigate the pit falls and traps inherent in the political process in Baltimore City.

Nevertheless, I have lived long enough to understand that any occupant of the Mayor of the City of Baltimore sits in a seat of musical chairs. While she potentially could easily have a twenty year career as The Mayor of Baltimore, it will be imperative that she maintains discipline in her personnel and professional life that elevates the standards of civic life far above any we have seen thus far. She immediate sits on the bull-eye of public opinion and scrutiny. The Mayor's Office is inherently entangled with espionage and intrigue designed to incur favor for those who seek benefits and favors. It is ensnared in a network of wheeling and dealing to move policies and programs through the legislative process. It is the place where the limited resources of city government are dispensed with limited choices and dire consequences for those outside of the process.

I firmly believe that Mayor Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake can and will master the nuances of big city government. I firmly believe that her moral fiber and theological grounding will enable her to withstand the temptations of the office: like a modern day Queen Esther. I will join a chorus of faith people who will pray for her, her family and our city each and every day.


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