Mr. Carl Stokes

Posted by Unknown Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have lived in Baltimore long enough to understand that when it comes to matters of politics - experience counts. The Baltimore City Council has to make a decision on who to seat in the Councilmatic seat recently vacated by City Council President Bernard "Jack" Young. There are many worthy candidates seeking to be seated. Among those candidates is one who will be able to hit the ground running at a time when we do not need a person learning on the job. The Baltimore City Council is faced with serious issues related to the budget, to the realignment and restructuring of city agencies, to improving educational opportunities for our youth, to creating job opportunities, and to maintaining a good relationship with State and Federal Government. The person most capable of stepping in and doing the job on day one is Mr. Carl Stokes. His strengths outweigh his weaknesses. His work with educating African American males has been outstanding. His understanding of City government and the work of the City Council is on par with any practitioner at this time. He is a person who is worthy of serious consideration by the City Council Members for the seat vacated by City Council President Bernard "Jack" Young.


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