Council President Bernard "Jack" Young

Posted by Unknown Monday, February 8, 2010

When I look at the issue of African American Male Leadership in Baltimore City, I support the elevation of Bernard "Jack" Young to President of the Baltimore City Council. In a "Clarence "Du" Burns type fashion he has demonstrated in his life' story a commitment to community and political life that represents people who are left out of the corridors of power and who are not seated with decisions are made. He has not forgotten from whence he has come. I respect him for that. He is a community organizer who understands that power comes from organized people. I've sat in meetings when community leaders have called him on his cell phone to have him intercede in a matter right at that moment. I was impressed that his constituents had that type of direct access to their Council member. He has learned his job well be his participation in the details of City Government. When he becomes The President of the Baltimore City Council that is not the time for residents of the City to place a bulls eye on his back, that is the time to rally around him and let him know that we have his back. I look forward to discussions with him about our beloved City. I will continue to pray for him and his family. Most importantly I will insure that he is aware of the issues that affect people, "whose faces are at the bottom of the well."


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