An Afro Clean Block

Posted by Unknown Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Baltimore Afro American Newspapers recently released this photo of the 1800 Block of Druid Hill Avenue in the Upton section of Baltimore, Maryland. This picture is dated as being taken in 1939. That's 71 years ago. Every day I drive down Druid Hill Avenue to the 1200 Block of Druid Hill Avenue. No where along that stretch of road would you now see any area that looks this nice.

What happened in 70 years to cause our urban areas to regress into decay and despair? What needs to be done to return urban areas all over America to places of dignity and aesthetic beauty?

I believe the key is contain within this photograph.

First, we have to instill in youth a sense of pride that where they live matters. Second, we need to eliminate vacant houses within our blocks. Third, we need aesthetic standards to which property owners must adhere. Fourth, we need the full support of local government's capital resources in the maintenance of our urban blocks. And, Fifth, we need to make certain that property owners regularly clean the areas in the front and rear of their properties on a regular basis.

It is distressful to recognize that the internal fabric of our communities have frayed so badly. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that we can rebuilt our families, our fabric, and our faith once again.


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