The tragedy of low aim

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dr. Benjamin Mays once remarked, "low aim is a sin," while talking to a group of graduates of Morehouse. During that moment he also recited a poem which illustrated the power of sixty seconds. Too often we waste time on aiming low and as a result we miss the awesome move of a big God.

I'm proud of the response my children have made to that advice long ago. "Dream big" I would say to them. "Think big thoughts" I would suggest to them. "Why be small" I would proclaim to them.

Now many years later their thinking encourages me, inspires, and advises me. The power of young minds is unimaginable. Their thinking is disrupting traditional marketing. Their thinking is improving the way we live. Their thinking is changing the way we do business.

For example, we once thought calling a taxicab was the way to get around town, until young minds develop the application, Uber. Now travel around the world has been made simpler because of the power of thinking big.

What if we avoided thinking small, aiming low, or being petty? What if we spent more time on thinking big thoughts? Life would be grand and the possibilities would be endless.

It is said that small minds talk about people. Medium minds talk about events. Large minds talk about concepts. Guage yourself by what you think about and discuss and you will discover you can still grow.

The tragedy of low aim is a sin. The power of thinking big is that you come to know God!



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