An Amazing Five Days

Posted by Unknown Sunday, July 12, 2015

Everyone has segments of life that outdistance other moments. Special days, special weeks, or a special period of time that seems to elevate your life in a very spiritual way. I challenge all of you to never become so cynical of life that you fail to enjoy the spectcular moments it does brings. The shooting star, the double rainbow, the full moon, the bright Venus, or the after blast of the Blue Angels flying through the sky; I don't know what moments may arrest your attention, but I do know you do have them.

Beginning Saturday, July 11th through July 15th I find myself experiencing an amazing five days. It began with the extravaganza of The Baltimore City College Alumni Choir; it continued with the Youth of Union and Community traveling to Hersey Park for a summer outing; the spiritual reunion of the Class of 1975 of Polytechnic Institute lifed my spirits and was encouraging to my soul; and the crescendo continues and concludes with the national book release of Ta-Nehisi Coates' "Between The World and Me."

Throughout this experience I'm meeting wonderful people, I'm witnessing my church family congeal into a cohensive unit, and watching efforts become magnified on a national level.

Your period of amazement may not be similar to mine, but I serve a God who turns random moments into a symphony of opportunity to experience Him anew.

I recommend you begin to write in your journal the amazing moments of your life and I believe you will discover God moving you to higher heights and greater growth in His presence.



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