Shifting my car into neutral

Posted by Unknown Monday, July 20, 2015

I was paying close attention to the gear shift of my car's transmission. When stationary my car's gear shift is in the park position, especially when the engine is off and its sitting in my driveway. As I turn the car's engine on I place the gear shift either into drive or reverse. Then I thought for a moment what is the purpose of the neutral gear? When the car is in the neutral gear the engine is running but the car is neither moving backward or forward, it is simply sitting still, idling. Then I realized it is important to shift your car into neutral every now and then and allow the engine to run without the pressure of being in traffic, running over pothole, or avoiding traffic control lights. Being in neutral literally is allowing the car to run without it having to work. Just being idle is not being slothful. It's working while resting, a very pleasant thought.

I'm planning to act like a car for a few days. I plan to take a break from driving along the highway of life. I'm not going to stop. My engine will keep running but I'm not going to travel back and forth, I'm going to take a break, be idle.

Yes, take a break and allow my engine to run while looking at my surroundings, while thinking about my future, and while thanking God for His many blessings.

Every now and then you should shift your car into neutral and take a break from the hectic merry-go-round of life.

I'll see you later when I shift my gear into drive!



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