On being fired

Posted by Unknown Thursday, July 9, 2015

To anyone hearing the words, "You are fired," that can be nerve wrecking. Losing your economic lifeline, wondering what you will do next, and dealing with the lost of confidence in your ability to continue in a position are the outcomes of being fired.

I can't imagine the torment. I'm unable to process the disappointment. I'm at a lost for words as to what you say to your family and friends when you have been uncermoniously dismissed, fired, or terminated.

Most people do not have the benefit of a serverance pay. Most people do not have the luxury of kinds words being uttered as you depart and pack your bags. Most people do not have their names printed in the media or they faces posted as well. Most people are simply shown the door with their badges and privileges taken away.

I'm reflecting upon the goodness of God who never says, "You are fired!"

What God says to each of us is, "You are redeemed!"



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