We All Have Work to Do

Posted by Unknown Thursday, September 8, 2011

"They restored Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall." Nehemiah 3:8

On the Eve of President Obama's address on jobs, I am mindful of the need to rebuild America and put people to work; but also to rebuild the church and strengthen the moral fiber of our society. A close look at the construction of Jerusalem it was fortified by a board wall. The purpose of the broad wall was to show that it was in nonconformity to the world and was separated from its customs and spirits.

There is a tendency to break down the holy barrier between the church and the world, and say, the distinction between the church and the world is merely nominal. Persons that professes to be Christians are so much like the world that there is no distinction in dress, behavior, speech or attitude.

As our President seeks to rebuild America and put people to work. Those of us in the faith must rebuild our faith communities and engage people in the quest to become Royal Ambassadors for Him who loves us the most and rebuild our faith in God.


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