Faultless for Every More

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Before his glorious presence without fault." Jude 24

The older I become the more I give thought to the idea of eternal life. In reading scripture, I understand that the pressure of living one's convictions place them at odds against the power forces of that day. As a result, one had to imagine another existence to be able to handle the brutality of their present existence. Therefore, the idea of heaven gave them an escape from their reality.

I believe that eternal life is more than an idea. It is supreme reality. Life in the form of a new-born baby comes from God. It is not derived from the human condition. I firmly believe that life comes from the Divinity of God. As a result, I believe that we should live in this reality with complete adoration of the God, who created us. Therefore, if a loving God creates us, I believe that in His Divine presence, we return to live with him as we did before for evermore.

Jude steps into the discussion with this text, which states that we will be in his presence without fault. To be in his presence without fault we have to deal with how do you eliminate sin; because all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. To become free from sin, you need an advocate who can wash you clean from sin. Jesus Christ is the advocate who commands the attention, honor, and respect of God. It, therefore, follows that only God Himself in a human form can be that advocate. I believe that Jesus is the Pascal lamb who takes away the sins of the world.

If you believe in Him, He will be your advocate. His sacrifice of Himself for you and me provides the covering for our sins, the containment of our sins, the concealing of our sins, and the cleansing of our sins.

Only through the righteousness of Jesus Christ can we become faultless and stand on that fateful day before an Almighty God without blemish.


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