Black MBA Classic - Atlanta

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, September 27, 2011

President Obama recently said to the Congressional Black Caucus to "stop complaining." I believe his comments were off base and had a racially disparaging tone.

When issues were raised to integrate the military forces, President Truman did it. President Eisenhower followed through. When issues were raised to achieve equal accommodations and access to education, President Kennedy did it. President Johnson followed through. When issues were raised to provide resources to HCBUs, President Nixon did it. When issues were raised to increase support to the Small Business Administration and ensure that African-Americans had access to business capital, President Carter did it. Now we come to President Obama, and he is confusing raising issues with complaining.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce him and you to a cadre of African-Americans who, are not complaining but doing and walking the walk; the young adults that will attend the Black MBA Classic in Atlanta hosted by Howard University. This is the 4th Annual event were rising stars in the business world assembly to network, share job opportunities and develop lasting relationships. They are the young adults that are leading now and will continue to be leaders in the future. They are accountants, lawyers, marketing professionals, sales representatives, engineers, and entrepreneurs. They are business owners, venture capitalists, and real estate developers. They are main-stream Americans.

If you are in the Atlanta area, I invite you to meet and greet them. If you visit their website, view the pictures, and read their information, you will quickly understand what I'm saying.

These are the leaders within our community who are doing. President Obama should address them with the respect they deserve.


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