Beware of The Spider's web

Posted by Unknown Thursday, September 29, 2011

"They ... spin a spider's web." Isaiah 59:5

People are so easily entrapped by hypocritical religious claims. The skill of some to entrap others in their own ways versus the ways of the Lord is an age-old problem. Philip baptized Simon Magus, whose guileful declaration of faith was soon exploded by the stern rebuke of Peter.

Look at what the web of deceit traps: customs, reputations, false pride, misdirected praise, and personal advancement are the flies caught in the net of hypocritical people. The nature of a spider web is that it comes from the creature's own abdomen. It suggests that the hypocrite finds their trust and hope within themselves.

Be careful in life's journey that you do not attach yourself to webs of deceit.

Anchor yourself in the words of God. If you study, you will show yourselves to be approved by God.


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