Technology taking over our lives

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Have you given in to the urge to buy an IPad, or have you resisted the urge? Was it because you didn't need another trinket to learn or carry? Or, was because of the high price of all these items in the marketplace that supposedly you can't live without? I must admit I bought an Adroid phone, but I have not purchased an IPad. Why, I'm protesting how technology is taking up so much of my time and weaving its way into the fabric of my life. I'm concerned! As a result I've found myself spending more time in the library. I try to spend at least four hours per week in St. Mary's University and Seminary's library. I'm reading more books at home. I'm concerned that the inward journey created by technology is turning a generation of people into introverts. How do you say hello to someone when they have ear plugs in their ears? How do you look someone in the eye when they are constantly watching their cell phone or texting? I'm making it a habit to write at least ten letters each week. Because of email and texting we are losing the art of letter writing. What are you doing to resist the temptation of techonology taking over your life? Or, are you too far gone that it doesn't matter!


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