Mack Lewis

Posted by Unknown Saturday, November 13, 2010

I use to say when one of our giants leaves us that it is a lost. In the case of Mr. Mack Lewis, he deposited some much of himself in so many that he will live on. Mr. Lewis was the originator of "street creditability." He earned his reputation by staying in the community and taught wild young boys what it meant to become a man. He was the "godfather" who did not abuse his power, but used his wisdom and assistance to steer young men in the right direction. I was blessed to interact with him on many occasions. I always stood in awe of this man whose legendary status waxed right before my eyes. Boxing was his tool to reaching hard headed young men. Young men who he taught that being macho was not how hard you could hit someone else. He taught being macho was how well you could serve someone else. Many men learned the lessons he taught. Each one who gleaned from his wisdom; is richer indeed. Mr. Mack Lewis, the man!


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