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Posted by Unknown Saturday, November 27, 2010

The word is out. The people of 21217/21201 have come together and organized to become a part of the work force in the State Center Project. The Baltimore Afro has done a front page story that outlines the issues involved. In physics for every action there is a reaction. The question is what will the reaction be: will the forces open up the process and provide jobs to the local residents or will they use the age old excuse we cannot find qualified people? The faith community has done the work. We have a comprehensive listing of people who are ready, able and willing to work who live in the neighborhood. We shall continue to insist that our local residents are hired. On Wednesday, December 1st the approval and funding for the underground garage goes before the Board of Public Works. We will find out directly from the Governor if local hiring will be a reality in this project. I pray that it is for the people who live within the community who need to work. Everybody wants a job! Now!!!!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Beautiful article, but one reality that relates to the social issues that impact urban Baltimore, especially an area such the Upton Community is, there is so much hopelessness in the majority, that the willingness to continue to do the necessary things to sustain the community will come to a effortless battle. Ok, let's assume the State of Maryland keep up there end of the bargain, now you would assume most of the 50% seeking to fill those jobs are drug free, cleared of criminal issues, and have at least a GED. I would think that the next fight is to address the blight in the community, with that let's keep in mind, there was a massive influx of outside brokers and investors rapidly buying property in Upton. The result I have seen is slow to stopping renovation, leaving landscape of blight. My questioned, is what is the next step to combat the blight and after this rallillSill there be another rally to increase the knowledge of the people as it relates to changing of the mindset to susutain your community and take ownership or will we wait for another opportunity such as the State Center Project to give us another jumpstart to do something we should be doing all the time or are our looking for another way the build on there resume. " Rallies are noise polutions, which urban America does need"

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I believe Rev. Hathaway and the community is doing exactly what is needed. Rallies are needed and such allow the community, the mayor, our city council people to recognize that Baltimore has a population that is educated, responsible and want a change for the better. Continue your fight Rev. Hathaway. The community is crying out for employment, responsibility to take care of their families and their community. How can a change such as this take place and not include the community.


  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I agree Penny Rose, government must take responsibility and hold up their end of the bargain. But here is one of many questions that I can't seemed to understand as it relates to the Upton Community. Why do we have a white council representative speaking for a majority black community. I'm sure you realize there were times when the Upton Community was a force to reckoned with, black leadership was highly visible, church took on the burdens of the communities. Many of the current members have made a flight from the neighborhood they once lived in and sustained, leaving behind a group of abandoned people, that are ashamed to come to some of the churches due to the mistreatment of those that think they have made across Northern Parkway and the 695 Beltway Outer Loop, you know the ones I am talking about. Everyone is driving in on Sundays, looking over there glasses, and telling there children make sure your door is lock. Observing the spectacles from there high class vehicles. Making statements NO!! black person should ever say, "we were afforded the same opportunities as they were", as they drive back uptown around 1;35pm, Sunday.

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. I sincerely appreciate the many comments that I have received. Upton is the epicenter of West Baltimore and reflects the decline in African American community and political leadership. As one who grew up in the community and now serves the community, I'm struggling to understand what has happened to our sense of pride and our respect for community. We are at a pivotal point in this community's history. The amount of public and private investment that will occur over the next ten years will transform this community into a place few will recognize. The names of historic figures will be gone from public buildings. Institutions that stood as symbols of African American empowerment will be gone. You may very well find that some of the precious religious institutions may close because they were unable to keep pace with the rapid changes that are occurring. I believe an honest and open conversation on the direction of Upton and the makeup of its past, present and future inhabitants is one that must begin right now!

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Pastor Hathaway that is the most and honest statement I have heard from any leader of the Upton Community. I hope you can forgive my venting.

    Thank You


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