Conversation among Black Men

Posted by Unknown Friday, November 26, 2010

Had the opportunity to have a discussion with two successful African American Males, both under the age of 27 years. Between them they have collectively earned 9 degrees. One works for the government and the other works for corporate America. Both are from Baltimore and both attended Calvert Hall College and then West Virginia University. We were laid back watching the WVU versus Pitt football. During the game I asked a few reflective questions. What preparatory experiences during your high schools years helped you in college and beyond? What did you learn in college that has been beneficial to you in your careers? To the first question, it was shared that the discipline of Calvert Hall propelled them through college and beyond. Learning in a multi-cultural environment gave them a tremendous advantage at WVU. Learning how to use the free periods at Calvert Hall helped them with time management when they were in college. Learning how to pick friends gave them lifelong associates who pushed each other to succeed. In college they found that other students didn't take advantage of the free tutoring assistance provided. They invested two hours each day in the free tutoring sessions. They found that being on top of their subject areas didn't prohibit them from having fun and participating in extra curricular activities. Obtaining an international learning experience while in college proved to be helpful. Having goals that for them meant education was a stepping stone. Not seeing simply graduating as the mark of success, but obtaining the career that they wished as the success mark. They explained that they witnessed two many of their colleagues having short sighted goals: just getting into college or just getting a degree. Their goals where to obtain positions within the areas they had chosen for their careers. Finally having multi-cultural friendships taught them how to engage people from different cultures and backgrounds. In closing understanding that the competitors for jobs and positions come from all over the world. They had to meet a global standard for academic and professional achievement. I left the conversation feeling pretty goal about these two young men. I was proud as a peacock, knowing that they will provide leadership for our community and world in the future. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!


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