Penn North or Gilmore Homes

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It is interesting that clergy leaders want to gather on the corner of Penn North to demonstrate their concern that we have no more distribances in the City of Baltimore. The April 2015 distribrance and the symbolic burning of the CVS on the corner of Penn North should not be the place for continuing demonstration. National media made that corner the focal point. The return of clergy to that corner reinforces the image that disturbances only occurs within our community. I would argue downtown near Camden Yards is a more powerful symbol. It was the point where the disturbances got out of hand and there was looting and breaking of store windows. Also, there were direct confrontation with police and destruction of police vehicles. For religious leaders to assemble on the Penn North corner is disconcerting. It says we are anticipating a fire on this corner when there is no evidence a fire will occur. Too often we direct our attention towards the symbolic versus the substantive. If we should have learned anything from the April 2015 distrubances, its that the problems that created the conditions are long standing. I believe a more effective place to gather would be within the Gilmore Homes projects. That is the real focal point. That is the point where you will find people with the greatest need.



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