Mr. Melvin Williams

Posted by Unknown Sunday, December 13, 2015

Very few people live their lives in the public arena with all of their faults, flaws, failures, flattery and fortitude are known. Mr. Melvin Williams demonstrated many negative and positive things. I would argue the story of his life, which is legendary, is contained in these words, "how to rebound from a knockdown!" Few have risen as high in the underground life as Mr. Williams. Few have earned the street credibility on the public stage as Mr. Williams. Few have spent a vast amount of their years in prison, only to return with the opulence of a king, then Mr. Williams. People may have heard of "Little Melvin" but you have to be living under a rock, not to know of "Mr. Melvin Williams." People wonder what do you do with the large amounts of returning citizens. People who have been incarcerated and now are returning to the neighborhoods and street corners from which they were taken. The life of Mr. Williams should give you some insight. First, treat them with respect. Second, allow them to repent of their past mistakes. Third, utlize their experiences for the betterment of the community. Fourth, allow them to earn an income. Fifth, help them to reunite with their family and friends. Sixth, cause them to understand they are forever on the police department's watch list. Seven, channel their entrepetneurial spirit into positive endeavors. Mr. Melvin Williams is gone, but his legend and his life will live on because he demonstrated, "that its not how you start it is how you finish." Mr. Melvin Williams finished very strong!


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