Mentors and Sponsors

Posted by Unknown Monday, December 14, 2015

Yesterday a successful global marketing executive spoke at Union Baptist Church. In the address the person outlined her 20 year experiences that led to her being named by Forbes magazine as the #12 global marketer out of #50 in the world. That's quite an accomplishment for a member who grew up within the religious crucible of UBC. As the member outlined the experiences that developed her career, the member continously acknowledged she knew people were praying for her. This confident African American female dropped a bombshell on the audience. She said that in life you need both mentors and sponsors!

Within the community we continously talk about people having mentors, but the idea of a sponsor was different. Please explain the difference? A mentor is a person who talks to you - a sponsor is a person who talks about you to others.

Maybe its time we change our strategy and adopt this idea as our own? Do you have both mentors and sponsors? Do you have a cadre of people who talk to you, people you can confide in, people you can go to for advice? And, do you have a group of people who talk to others about you, people who promote you in circles and with people when you are not around, people who open up doors for you and introduce your to an ever wider array of relationships? If the nature of our society is expanding your network of relationships, maybe more of us need to adapt the notion of identifying both mentors and sponsors?

On a person level, Jesus has been the best mentor for me. "He has walked with me and talked with me." God has been my sponsor. "He has opened doors no man could shut."

Within the earth realm, I suggest that each of you identify and develop a cadre of mentors and sponsors. Both will assist you in your journey through life.



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