Walk to the White House

Posted by Unknown Monday, August 17, 2015

Later this morning 40 of Baltimore's best young men will reach their destination - Washington, D.C. After an overnight walk from Baltimore to Washington, these youmg men will demonstate to the nation a very plausible solution to addressing the ranging violence going on within urban communties throughout this nation. The solution is the total engagement of our youth in addressing public policy, managing programs, and inclusion in the economy in their local communities.

Young legs are able to walk 35 miles in 20 hours, but praying hands can surround our youth with the protection from on high so that they can reach their goal without harm or danger.

I've witnessed one of the young men who attends Union Baptist Church emerce himself in the 300 Men March program. He is developing into the type of leader that makes all of us proud.

Channel the youth within your communities into this program and you will find them discovering a greater purpose and becoming a better citizen of our nation.




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