Rest from Stress

Posted by Unknown Friday, August 14, 2015

I've returned to writing my blog and I'll return to the pulpit this Sunday. I'm thankful I had a brief vacation break. I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and attend my family reunion in Richmond, Va. Both experiences were relaxing and provided me with a rest from stress. If you are able to attend this Sunday's worship service, you will recognize the words, "Rest from Stress,' are the title of the sermon.

I'll not share the essence of the message, but all throughout the Holy Bible you will discover Jesus takes breaks to release himself from the tension of a stressful life. Even the Genesis story reveals God takes a break from the work of creation. It's called recreation, The Sabbath.

Periodically take a stress break and you will discover the tension level in your home and on your job will be dialed down significantly and the relationships you treasure the most will improve.



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