Amazing Technology of Today and Tomorrow

Posted by Unknown Sunday, August 2, 2015

I overheard a person saying yesterday, I don't use email or technology, call me.

It is amazing how rapidly our lifestyles and patterns are being affected by technology. We are way past what many may said is the technological revolution. We are firmly in the technology era. To not go along, means you are being left behind like any ancient relic from the past.

Applications are being produced at an alarming rate. They are all designed to make getting information, or preforming some task easier. I'm always downloading some new application and trying it out.

Surprising many of the good ones are free or have a modest cost attached to them.

Some basics you need are a desk top computer, a laptop, an iPad, and an iPhone. These devices comprise the Apple garden. Some of you may like other brands, and there are many.

Whatever product you use, you will never be able to fully operate it functionally. It can do far more than you can think. But if you learn to master a few applications you will discover a brave new world of technology that is sweeping the world and making it far smaller.



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