On Returning Home

Posted by Unknown Monday, June 25, 2012

After spending a week away from home in a foreign country, I welcomed sleeping a night in my own bed in my home. While travel is educational and entertaining, home is the place of safety, serenity, and succor. As I reflected on the awesome events of last week, I think about the bountifulness goodness of God. His presence is felt around the world, as well as in your heart; testimonies to His grace, power and mercy evident everywhere.

On another note, we live in a multi-cultural world. It's a world of diversity and of mutuality. In America, our race consciousness is heightened by our phobias and insecurities. We overcompensate for our inadequacies by ostracizing other people. We need to grow up; our dial points to our racist tendencies to our demise. We are a world of nations; we are known by our nationalities.

Within each nationality, you will find a rainbow of colors, cultures, personalities and body types, why in America is everything viewed through the lens of color.

We are in a worldwide class debate; will the rich and wealthy contribute more to the well-being of its country's citizens? Will person become more industrious and work for the necessities of life? Can the governments of the world afford to expand its safety net of services? Will mistakes, greed, and incompetence ruin the world's economy? Will the people of the world live to their highest potential and eliminate poverty and war? Will we come to a place of mutual respect based upon the character of the individual? 

It's good to return home with an expanded understanding of the greatness of God.


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