Facing Life's Storms

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One of the realities of life is that you will experience storms. If you understood the natures of storms, I believe that knowledge will help you through your storms. What storms do is produce an enormous increase is winds. The winds basically have three purposes: head winds, cross winds, and tail winds. 

Headwinds are from storms that you must face head on. You see the storm clouds darken. You heard the thunder roaring. You see the lightening flashing. You feel the wind blasts increase. You feel the rain turn into a downpour. Storms that produce headwinds are unavoidable they come directly at you. 

Cross winds come from unexpected storms that come into your life. One day it is sunny and bright, and before you know it you are in a storm and faced with cross winds. Cross winds seek to knock you off track, make you change direction, and stop you in your path. Cross winds are ferocious because of their unexpectedness. Cross winds are also unavoidable.

Finally, you will have storms in your life that produce tail winds. Interesting these storms help you go to another level of grace, and they inform you about the depths of God's mercy and love. These storms that generate tail winds are designed to carry you through a period in your life when you are powerless, but you still make progress. Tail winds carry you beyond your own strength and abilities. These are the storms that make you instead of break you.  

One think is true no matter which storm you may face in your life. God promises to be with you in your storm. The truth is: He carries you, protects you and sustains you through any storm.  

When you are facing the storms of life always remember, but God!

The storm would have destroyed you, but God!

The storm would have altered your life, but God!

The storm changed my life, thanks by to God!

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