Honor Your Father

Posted by Unknown Sunday, June 3, 2012

We are a few weeks away from Father's Day. Like the King family picture that is posted, I have a picture of my father and my son with me. Three generations of Hathaway's in one place at one time is something to be thankful. I wonder as I look at my son, if I had the same command and presence my father had with me. My son is fortunate to be able to interact with his grandfather. I learned so much from my father; I am blessed, he can  transfer his knowledge directly to my son unfiltered by my account. My son developed a love for mathematics. Long before we popularized STEM, my father, a math major at North Carolina A&T, was flashing multiplication tables in front of my son when he was 1 years old. By 2, my son could  recite his times tables up to twelve and could easily go further if requested. All of this and more was learned at his grandfather's knee. He learned how to plant and tend to a garden from his grandfather. If left to learn gardening from me, he would be horticulturally challenged. As we approach Father's Day, I am thankful for my grandfather, and that I am a father to his grandson. 


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