Splinters can hurt

Posted by Unknown Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Whoever splits logs may be endangered by them." Ecclesiastes 10:9

Over the ages, the powerful interests of America have gotten their way with the poor and those in need. Much like splitting wooden logs, they need to be careful because splitting logs can be dangerous business. The splinters cause by the splitting of wood can be dangerous to the logger. Likewise, the economic climate created by unchecked greed is causing a backlash from all segments of our society. The powerful 1% is being called to task for their growing balance sheets, their disproportional tax rate, and their egregious bonus checks. At the same time, the misery index is rapidly rising and the cries of the innocent people are being heard in streets and cities across America. We are finding every day that the splinters are endangering the loggers.


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