Commemorating Baltimore's Sit-In

Posted by Unknown Sunday, November 20, 2011

A section of lunch counter from theGreensboro, North Carolina Woolworth's is now preserved in the Smithsonian InstitutionNational Museum of American History

Throughout America affected communities have commemorated the sit-in movement as an aspect of the Civil Rights Movement.

In Greensboro at North Carolina A&T a statue is erected on the campus honoring their four students who sat in at Woolworth's lunch counter.

At Winston-Salem Teachers College student who sat in at Woolworth's were joined by students from Wake Forest. This bi-racial action marked a new wave in the sit-in movement. The Late Everett Dudley, a member of Union Baptist Church, was one of the participants. Each year the City of Winston Salem issues a resolution recognizing their action.

Now Baltimore Maryland has the opportunity to establish its role as the leader in the Civil Rights Sit-In Movement by the actions of students at Morgan State College (now University) who staged sit-ins at Read's Drug Store and in the Northwood Shopping Center. Rightly so, Morgan State University has establish a memorial on its campus in the student's center.

Ideas are being solicited to determine the proper commemoration of the sit-in at the former Read's Drug Store site on the corner of Howard and Lexington Streets. Interested persons may submit their ideas and email them to c/o Dr. Michelle Harris Bondima. Persons interested in submitting commemoration ideas should do so by Nov. 30th.


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