Pay Day

Posted by Unknown Monday, November 28, 2011

"Call the workers and pay them their wages." Matthew 20:8

The unemployment situation is America and within local communities is causing stress and turmoil. It is stated that over 45 million people are receiving food assistance from the federal government. The President has submitted legislation to Congress with the intent to create jobs - but to no avail. As the holiday season is approaching the cries of those who are unemployed and underemployed are unheard.

In God's divine plan, there is still work to do in building His Kingdom. There is work to do. I'm convinced that you can find fulfillment in working in Kingdom Building. You can find a sense of contentment and achieve measurable results in building up the spiritual and physical lives of others.

Versus sitting home, or hanging out, join a local church with the goal of finding work to do in building God's Kingdom. I believe you will receive a pay day of immense proportions.


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