Trust Factor

Posted by Unknown Thursday, October 6, 2011

"On whom are you depending?" Isaiah 36:5

This question reveals that basis of your philosophical and theological foundation. It helps on identify that foundation of their physical and spiritual journey. It reveals what they hold as the pivotal factor in their life. On whom do you depend?

In our independent and self-determination world, some may answer, "I depend on myself, Others are too unstable." Still others may say, I depend on my vocation and education. Some may say, I depend on my family and friends. What do you say?

On whom do you depend? I like the words of Joshua, "as for me and my house we are going to serve the Lord."

I trust in the Lord and depend upon His word.

I guess it must be because I am older now. As I reflect upon my journey, God's love, grace and mercy have been the constant. He has more than earned my trust. He is my trust.

A religious philosopher once said, "Being absolutely dependent on the absolute." Yes, that's what I am, totally dependent on God. What about you?


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