Give Your All - Don't Hold Back

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Do not hold ... back." Isaiah 43:6

There are a richness and fullness of abounding grace in the love of God. He is passionate about us. His unyielding love is always willing to embrace us. Why do you hold back? Why do you resist total commitment to God, who is totally committed to you?

His love invites you. His promises secure you, and His precious blood saves you, why hold back? Don't let sin or your fears hinder you from coming to Him? God's invitation to you is always, right now!

Do not hold back from having a close and sweet communion with Him.

We use to sing a song, "If it's love that you are running from, there is no hiding place." You can't hide from God, don't hold back, and run to Him.


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