What do do when you are miserable?

Posted by Unknown Friday, July 29, 2011

"In their misery they will earnest seek me." Hosea 5:15

There is a saying, "misery loves company." It's intent is to communicate that miserable people make other people miserable.

As I move throughout the community, I encounter some people who communicate to me very miserable stories. Inter-family conflict, inter sibling rivalries, issues with drugs, sex, and criminal activity are topics of many of the discussions. Layered upon those topics are economic issues: little money, infrequent job opportunities, no advancement on the job, and no job training being available.

It is amazing to me how hopeless some people have become: we live in America, not India, Brazil, or the Sudan We live in a land of rich opportunities. However, we have a misery index that is very high.

The Holy Bible is my guide in life. This text informs me that when misery comes, and it often does; you should seek the Lord for comfort and security. Too many people seek the advice of others, or drown themselves in their own misery through substances.

If misery cannot drive you to the throne of mercy, nothing will.


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