We Must Work to End Poverty

Posted by Unknown Monday, September 13, 2010

I learned something after experiencing the feeding program conducted by 5 Churches in Upton. We were able to feed over 1,400 persons at a cost of $5.00 per person. Each family received two large brown grocery bags of fresh produce and dry goods.

Because of our newly established relations with the Maryland Food Bank we will be able to cut that cost in half to $3.50 per person in the future.

If the same products and produce was purchased individually by each family from a retail store, the cost would have been well over $150.00.

The challenge to the church community is to organize the people of our respective neighborhoods into massive cooperatives that drives down the cost of living per person by our collective economic clout.

In this manner we can end poverty among target groups by illustrating how to more strategically use the resources they have and drive down the cost of living and minimize their exploitation by mass marketing and corporate greed.

We could attack every item of expenditures that impact our families: food, energy, health care, clothing, shelter, gasoline, etc. Our attack should be directed towards reducing the cost to each family of the overpriced goods and services they need and buy for daily living.

I am willing to spent time, resources and energy on developing this creative community model.

Are you?


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