Black MBA Classic

Posted by Unknown Thursday, September 9, 2010

I rarely pay attention to social events unless they serve some community or religious purpose. I became aware of the Black MBA Classic because of the involvement of two aggressive and accomplished young businessmen from Baltimore. These young men both well under 30 have already distinguished themselves in the academy. Each having earned respectively four degrees: one has earned degrees in finance, economics, integrated marketing and business administration, the other has earned degrees in computer engineering, electrical engineering, business and law. As African American males they are setting the standard for academic achievement. Both work for major corporations and hold positions within those organizations of responsibility. What caught my attention is their willingness to assist Historically Black Colleges and Universities, in this case, Howard University. Beginning September 22nd the National Black MBA Association, Inc. will hold its conference in Los Angeles. These entrepreneurs are assisting Howard University with event planning and corporation relations. The Black MBA Classic is designed to bring emerging MBA students into relationship with corporate recruiters and into a national relationship with each other. These lofty goals are being achieved through hosting what will be in premier event in Los Angeles. I commend Howard University and 220 Productions for staying true to the mission of educating the next generation of leadership and for opening doors for them to walk through.


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