How Mr. Bernstein Won!

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The race for Baltimore City State's Attorney between Patrica Jessamy and Gregg Berstein can best be characterized by saying that an organized group will beat an unorganized group any day.

It appears that Mr. Berstein has won a close election where the total number of persons voting in Baltimore City were less than 59,000. Unbelievable, only 58,934 people voted!

Of that number Mr. Bernstein received 29, 121. In effect, 29,121 people decided that a change was needed in a City-wide office and was able to exercise their will to effect that change. How is it possible that you can run a City-Wide campaign in Baltimore City and win with less than 30,000 votes?

We have watched the voting patterns trend towards the minority community voting at a greater rate than the majority community. This trend reached its logical conclusion yesterday. When the election results are finally analyzed, I believe we will discover that a significant shift in voting power has emerged with a solid block of voters aligned around their own self-interest. Anyone who is seeking a City-Wide office and not recognize this trend will do so at their peril. Clearly forces have aligned in such a way that they are determined to participate and take control of the City to insure that their voices are heard and that their is a positive response to their issues.

Winning an election is not jumping in front of every camera you see; it is grassroots organizing, talking to people one on one, and knowing your voting constituents. It's being responsive to people's needs everyday so that they understand that you are on their side and will be an advocate for their concerns.

To my Clergy colleagues who fashion themselves as community leaders, let this be a wake up call. Our disorganization is obvious. The Emperor has no clothes!

Elected officials who think that they can run to the church community two weeks before election day; do it only if you need prayer, because the votes you will receive are meager at best.

In a City with a population of 600,000+, less than 10% of the population took the time to vote and less than 5% of the population determined the outcome of this election. Mayday is here for every African American City Wide candidate who thinks that they will win because of their smile and studio picture on a poster.

From this point on the only candidates that will win will be the ones who organize their constituents. Unless the Church community commits to a serious organizing effort sustained over a period of time, they will be reduced to being irrelevant in the political affairs of our City.


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