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Posted by Unknown Monday, August 30, 2010

Regardless of party affiliation or political philosophy, the right to vote is a freedom that should not be taken lightly. Voting is one's expression of choice within a political sphere and for a particular candidate that echoes your concerns and supports your ideas. First you need to know your concerns and have some ideas. Concerns are situations or policies that impact the people you love and care for. Ideas are those thoughts and plans that improve situations and policies. Everyone should have concerns and all you at some point in time have ideas. Voting is your freedom to express yourself individually and through a public process create a consensus of public opinion. Why is this important? Just look at the amount of money being spent to place in the forefront of your mind concerns that other people have. Look at the amount of money being spent to force upon you the ideas others have. You are not a pawn in the political process. You are a king or queen maker. You matter! As we move into the voting season, it is important that the people vote in large numbers and it is important that you vote for the persons who best understand your concerns and is best aligned with your ideas.

On Wednesday, Sept. 1st I will meet with the General Managers of all of the major television and radio stations in the Baltimore Market. I will share with them my concerns and ideas regarding issues that impact the people of Baltimore. If you have either concerns or ideas, let me know and I will add them to my list.

On Thursday, Sept. 2nd I will moderate the 44th District Candidates Forum that is sponsored by The League of Women Voters. Are there specific questions you wish me to pose to the candidates running for this important office - 44th District Delegate to the Maryland General Assembly.


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