Edenton, North Carolina

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There is a small town in Chowan County of North Carolina whose name is Edenton. My mother and father were born in this historic southern city. I'm making preparations to go this weekend to The Hathaway Family Reunion. For the past 37 years my family has officially gathered in places throughout the country for our reunion. It is special to go back "home" and visit the sites, walk the roads, and share in the stories of your relatives and ancestors. Everyone needs a special place somewhere that you call home. It is spiritually uplifting to come together as an extended family in love and fellowship. For me our family reunion is like soaking in the river of untold blessings. It like stepping into the rich favor of a Heavenly Father who illustrates to you through the life of your relatives that God is good and that God is love. It's a constant reminder that we have purpose and mission in life and that all of us have a responsibility to be fruitful, to multiply and to achieve while we are in this earthly plane. The reality of transition comes to mind as you remember those who were among us sharing in the reunion experience who are no more in this early plane. The longer you live the more you anticipate that glorious reunion God has promised in His Heavenly Kingdom.


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