Race to the Top

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The State of Maryland and its Education Board led by Dr. Nancy Grasmick are to be congratulated for winning a "Race to the Top" award. Governor O'Malley can rightly stick his chest out along with the General Assembly and our Congressional Delegation for securing additional dollars for our State's educational system. What our political, educational and community leaders need to instill in our youth and their families that racing to the top is to establish yourself as a leader in the world of education. I recently visited Oxford and London and on their daily news were items extolling the accomplishments of their students versus our news which focuses upon crime and dispair. Interviews were held with students who were anticipating receiving notice of their placements at colleges and universities. There was on public display the grading scale and the number of students who were scoring off the charts. Getting three "A's" was a minimal requirement and the students understood that the bar was set high. As a result they sought to get "A*" which was the highest grade possible and not settle for an "A". Until we instill the true pursuit and thirst for knowledge within our students, we can receive all the money in the world and be left with a population of youth unable to compete in the world arena. My prayer is that these dollars and the requirements they bring cause our system to drill down and educate all of our youth and encourage them to reach the potential God has in store for them. Congratulations!!!!


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