State of the Union

Posted by Unknown Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hurried home to watch the State of the Union speech last night. I'm excited each time I witness the competency and composure of President Barrack Obama as he commands the attention of the world as President of The United States of America. I sincerely appreciate his ability to place before Congress and the America people the universal truths we claim are valued. He is steadying changing the landscape. He is being true to his word. He clearly is articulating the problem of the Bush years he inherited. He is creatively navigating our country from the brink of disaster. History will record and recognize his transparency and unique talent. I'm proud to call his President. Particularly for any who travel, he is respected all over the world from the streets to the halls of power. He is correct. He cannot do it by himself. We all have a responsibility to insure that government responds to the needs of all, particular those who we must support and nurture.


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