Bryant versus James

Posted by Unknown Monday, January 25, 2010

Every now and then it is good to take a break from the constant flow of news and watch some basketball. The recent game between Kobe Bryant and Lebron James illustrated the power of a match up between these two giants of the game. The athleticism of these men is a joy to watch. Their ability to dominate and exert their will during portions of the game creates the energy that ebbs and flows. On a basis level they exhibit our own desires to control our environment and participate in our own outcomes. For many of us, factors largely beyond our control inhibit us from exerting much influence. We tend to be pawns and not Queens of Kings in our own games. Nevertheless, the escape to a world where a game is played that provides us with the opportunity to peer into a universe where people are able to exert influence over the outcome of a contest is refreshing. Cleveland has won two of the match ups thus far. I can't wait until they meet in the Playoffs and we are able to witness this match up over a series of games. Nothing but net!


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