Serena Williams is a Champion

Posted by Unknown Saturday, January 30, 2010

I know I'm going to pay for it later in the day, but I had to stay up this morning to watch Serena Williams play in the finals of the Australia Open. With the grit and determination of a champion she won. What captured my attention was that each and every match was a physical and mental challenge. The power of the human will to overcome any circumstance is an underestimated quality God has given each of us. Too often we succumb to easily and accept defeat when success is just around the corner. If we ever learn of the power of never giving up, as a people we will be able to do anything but fail. At age 28 Serena Williams has dominated the tennis game for the past 12 years. Her ability to play at such an amazing level will decline; but the memories of a true champion overcoming the odds and reaching the heights God has promised her will live on.


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