God Made Women Too!

Posted by Unknown Thursday, July 23, 2009

Former President Jimmy Carter has expressed his decision to withdraw from The Southern Baptist Convention over their views on women. It staggers the imagination that archaic views attributed to slanted biblical interpretation still exist. Seeking to "proof text" biblical literature to justify distorted viewpoints is best left to the uneducated and uninformed who still depend on gasoline lamps for their evening light.

If a loving God made man, wouldn't the same loving God make woman. Medical understanding would indicate that we are born equally male and female until the genetic system God designed makes the distinction in the uterus. Some people are born with both gender designations. Some are born with one gender designation, but the other gender tendency.

Indeed, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Shortsightedness and discrimination causes some to view life through a lens of destruction and differences.

Congratulations, President Carter for the boldness to take a principled stand against a religious denomination's biased opinion of women.


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