A Gift of Writing and Reading

Posted by Unknown Saturday, July 25, 2009

The literary world is shocked by the sudden death of E. Lynn Harris. You don't have to go far to see his work on display in places where you would shop for grocery or pharmacy items. He was in the mainstream. He was an accomplished author whose name was proudly written in raised bold letters stretched across the tops of his books.

If you are unaware of Brother Harris is it because you have lost the gift of reading. In this world of telecommunications that is a diminishing gift - taking time to read. Not watch, not listen, but to read a book, a novel, or a poem!

Reading is a mental exercise that stretches the mind to imagine and the heart to feel. It requires a quiet place and concentration. Precious commodities in this world of hustle and bustle.

Many thanks to E. Lynn Harris for using his gift of writing and prompted us to appreciate the gift of reading.


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