Baltimore's Godfather

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anyone who understands the community dynamics of Baltimore knows that Mr. John Paterakis, Sr., is our political godfather. His story of hard work, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship is a model of the Horatio Alger's story. Anyone who has eaten a McDonald's burger has bit into one of his bread rolls.

He is someone who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps. His ability to develop and create an international organization from his Baltimore base speaks volumes to his visionary gifts and abilities. Everyone knows that he is unselfish. Many persons have been the beneficiary of his largess.

As a man of respect he leveraged his resources to create a vision of Harbor East that rivals any upscale community in the world. He saw the potential of water views, commerce, and job creation in a portion of the city that people had relegated to the back burners. Native Baltimoreans know that when you needed a summer job or an opportunity to get a job you went to H & S Bakery and there was always something to do that provided income for your family. His discount bread store provided staples for many people for many years. These things he didn't have to do, but as Baltimore's Godfather he could never turn his back on those in need.

From a perspective of "street creditability" to indict Mr. Paterakis on so minor a charge is disrespectful and somewhat shocking.

I know that their are legions of persons who can testify in a first hand way to the generosity of this gentleman and the depths of his hometown roots.


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