What to do in a crises?

Posted by Unknown Thursday, January 21, 2016

"We gave way to it and were driven along."    Acts 27: 15 NIV

"They threw the ship's tackle overboard."       Acts 27: 19 NIV

"We finally gave up all hope."    Acts 27: 20 NIV

The meditation reveals that three things happen when you are in a crisis.

1. You drift

2. You discard what's important

3. You despair

It is interesting to look at these steps that one may go through in a crisis. The question is what do you do to counteract these natural emotional responses?

It is not enough to say: don't drift, don't discard, or don't despair, because being in a crisis is very real and upsetting.

Maybe if one is able to address being upset, them maybe you can handle the reality of a crisis.

How do you avoid being upset in the midst of a crisis?

I got to run. I will answer that question in my next blog.



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