Know Your Child's Friends

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Those who lead good people along an evil path." Proverbs 28:10 (NLT)

This morning's lesson describes a Judas Goat as one who leads sheep to the slaughter. The tone of the meditation because it emphasizes the negative advises parents to get to know your children's friends. It asks that parents be aware of whose influencing your children and to get to know their friends. My nature is to be aware of the negative but to emphasize the positive.

In this matter it is largely influenced by my experience as a parent. In the matter of our two children, I did get to know many of my children's friends. They were invited to our house, eat food at our table, and went along on family outings. In terms of the people who influence your children, that should be the parents. The parents should be the major influence in the lives of your children. Your relationship should be of such a nature that they look to you for guidance and advice. Likewise, that relationship should be so awesome that they introduce their friends to you and you impact their lives in the same way. I could tell you many stories of activities over the years with the friends of my children who now look at me like a surrogate father and my wife like a surrogate mother.

Who should be the influencer of your children - the parents? Do you get to know your children's friends - yes you should because they can become your children as well.



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