Seasons of the Year and Side of the Street

Posted by Unknown Friday, January 10, 2014

Over time I have made an interesting observation during the winter and summer seasons. In the winter depending upon which side of the street you are on the sunlight provides either direct or indirect rays.   On the warm side of the street the direct sunlight assists with melting the snow and ice. On the cold side of the street the indirect rays causes the snow and ice  to take far longer to melt because of the colder temperatures.

In the summer season I've noticed an opposite effect depending upon which side of the street you are on. Flowers appears to bloom better on what during the winter is the cold side and less better on what during the winter is the warm side. In other words the direct sunlight might be too hot for the flowers, while the indirect sunlight is better suited for flowers to bloom.

Why am I making this observation on a morning when a freezing rain is making travel conditions hazardous?

I believe people live life in seasons, as well as live life on different sides of the street.

In some seasons in your life, you discover the sunlight is beaming on you and life's difficulties melt away. In other seasons you find yourself in the coldest, harshest of places with attitudes and hard heartedness only coming your way.

Sometimes in life you will find yourself blooming with opportunities, and at other times, even in the midst of a sunny day, it appears nothing is happening for you and nothing is going your way.

Learning to live through life's seasons and learning to live life on the proper side of the street are important lesson to learn.

God warmth is always available to you. Just learn to live in the sunlight of His love and to maximize the season you are in.



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