Can't Make A Success Out of Sin

Posted by Unknown Saturday, January 11, 2014

I, like many others, have watched and listened with amazement at the story of New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie. The story and allegations revolve around who ordered the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge and why.

Governor Christie's claim is people in his inner circle lied to him and he was unaware of this matter, even though many people were inconvenienced, and some were injured, and one in particular died. This is a tragic story and the actions were mean spirited and in a Christian sense, sinful.

Too often people believe they can make a success out of sin. They will engage willingly in sinful actions and believe the outcome will be positive or wholesome. This story should reinforce for you that you cannot make a success out of sin.

Everyone must realize that Satan is always busy carrying out his mission statement, to kill, to steal and to destroy. We is very adapt at stoking your ego and making you think, you are above God's law and His judgement.

For a moment stop pointing your finger at Christie, and look at your own life.

Have your endeavored to make a success out of sin, only to discover the consequences of our actions were not worth the heartache and heartbreak and damage to people and relationship that it caused?

Did you find yourself in an awful place have to be emotionally distraught and on the verge of a nervous breakdown because a moment of delight or pleasure led to a dark maze of discomfort and stress?

Break the chain, take off of the yoke right now of trying to do what you desire to do versus doing what God commands you to do.

You can live successfully sin free!



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