Reflections from Rome - "The Power of Faith"

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last week I visited the many historic, biblical, and cultural sites of Rome, Italy. I spent four days of intensive study of biblical scripture and visited the sites described by the text. What was clear to me was the power of faith as a universal quest of the human spirit. When viewing the remains of one of the greatest empires on earth - The Roman Empire. It was amazing to realize a band of followers of Jesus Christ and believes were an element in the downfall of this powerful secular regime. The Roman Empire was without a doubt the rulers of the world. Its military might and conquest of the world was without peer during that era. Its wealth was beyond measure with its ability to extract tax from the people, kingdoms, and governments of the world, who could overcome this power. They constructed a range of gods to provide justification for their position and power. They believed god was on their side. In fact the Pontus Maximus was their god in human form on earth. They constructed secular temples for the worship of their gods.

But something happened that demonstrated the power of faith. Love became a quality stronger than hate. Service become more important than being served. Faith proved it was more powerful than intimidation. God was more powerful than Pontus Maximus. Eternity was more lasting than momentary power and fame.

The faith of people who believed in God outlasted the Roman Empire, one of the great empires of the world.

If one had a choice between faith and fame, I suggest you choose faith in God.



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