Reflection from Rome - Sport and Games

Posted by Unknown Saturday, August 17, 2013

In Baltimore we have large capacity stadiums for baseball and football. The Orioles' stadium holds 48, 876 people. The Raven's stadium holds 71,008 people. These stadiums are the sports entertainment center of our City.

People come to the stadiums to cheer, yell, scream, voice their support for or opposition to the contestants on the field. They will wear the team colors and some will even paint themselves in the colors of their favorite team. If you are not careful, after a period of libations, people may even become hostile or angry.

Sports and Games are interwoven into the fabric of our society. People cheer for winners, root for your favorite, and boo for the losers as a source of entertainment. People will fantasize and imagine they are the sporting hero, that they catch the winning touchdown, hit the tie breaking home run, or pitch the shut out. People use sports and games as an avenue of escape and entertainment.

In a prominent section of the City of Rome stands the Colosseum. Construction for this massive structure was begun in 70 AD. This is the date of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Colosseum, designed to hold 80,000 people, was the place for sports and games. You may remember this is where the gladiatorial contests were held. The base of the amphitheater could be flooded so that mock sea battles could be enacted, there were animal hunts, and public executions, and it was used to conduct dramas based on classical mythology.

The Roman Colosseum was the place were people came to cheer, yell, scream, voice their support for or opposition to the contestants on the field. They would get into such a frenzy that they would become hostile, angry and or sad. In contests between humans, the Emperor sat in his covered booth and by either holding his thumbs up or thumbs down decided if a losing contestant lived or died. This was done to add drama and excitement to the sporting event. People desired seeing the blood and death of the loser.

All in the name of sports and games!



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