The Super Block

Posted by Unknown Saturday, February 18, 2012

There is a lot of discussion going on in Baltimore surrounding what is being called the "Super Block." The "Super Block" involves the redevelopment and new construction of offices, retail, housing, and hotel in the area bounded by Fayette Street, Park Avenue, Lexington and Howard Street. A controversial aspect of the project is the proposed redevelopment of the parcel that once held a "Read's Drug." Some say it's a historic site because of the "Sit-Ins" that occurred there and want the structure retained. The developer and others are saying, "Most of the original structure and fixtures are gone; we need to create space for modern day and future users." I land on the side of this section of West Baltimore so desperately needs an injection of capital and new structure - let's move on!

In a spiritual sense, we are always faced with the tension of do we hold on to the past or step into the future. Values are important to hold on to; places' decay in time. I believe in our lives it is more significant to hold on to our values, even if we have to let go of places, people and things!


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